Blue Goose, 28 ft Cape Cod Catboat, built in 1928 by Brown Boat Co., Taunton, MA

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Hailing port, Chatham, MA

       BlueGo6.jpg (104420 bytes)   Beaufort, NC  ca. 2013

  I am preparing this page in Feb., 2014.  (updated Apr., 2016) (any pic may be clicked upon for a full sized view)

  Back in 1957 I was running a boat rental business for a fellow in Stage Harbor, Chatham, MA.  I didn't have a driver's license at the time, and the owner of the rental boats suggested I commute to work using one of the boats.  I was living for the summer in my Grandfather's cottage in West Chatham, about 2 miles from Oyster River.  I had a homemade motor scooter that I'd ride, overland, to the River, park it in a fishing shanty there, and get aboard a boat, which I'd  anchor there each night, then go the 5 miles or so to Stage Harbor.  I would often see a beautiful large catboat named Blue Goose, at mooring, in the harbor.   

f00065.jpg (56502 bytes)  Blue_goose_sailing.jpg (616530 bytes) ca. 1960, Chatham, MA     (thanks to Tom Ennis and John Kimball, of Chatham, for these pix)    They were taken moments apart, they are slightly different, both displayed here for closer examination of details.  Note, the hull is grayer than the cabin top, it was blue then.

   Jump forward now, to 1998.  My wife and I have moved to New Bern, NC, and in the Fall are "poking around" looking for boats on Radio Island in Morehead City.  What do I see there, but a large transom of a boat "on the hard", and it said, "Blue Goose   Chatham".  I told Pat, my wife, a Cape Cod girl, "I know that boat", from Chatham.  I guess stranger things happen.  We didn't think much more about her then, or for about another 5 years, when we were walking the docks in Beaufort, NC, and there she was, tied up at the fuel dock, and her owner was nearby.  We struck up a conversation with him, and learned he was Tom Harper, who had lived on  Cape Cod, graduated from Harwich High School, and had owned a house in West Chatham, about a quarter of a mile from my Grandfather's cottage.  He was a retired Navy Captain, had moved to inland NC some 20 years earlier, and also had a house in Beaufort.

   Forward again to  Dec., 2013.  I see on the internet that the Blue Goose is for sale, on a Catboat Assn. website.   I showed the listing, and linked pix to my wife, Pat, and reminded her of our "history".   Several days later we were having dinner on the waterfront in Beaufort.  We both admitted to each other that we missed sailing, as we'd turned to power about 5 yrs earlier.  I said, "we could remedy that by buying Blue Goose".  I thought that maybe a night’s sleep and the light of day would bring us to our senses, why should we buy an old wooden boat?  Not to be, the next day I called the number from the ad, talked with Tom, and he said he did remember our meeting almost 10 yrs earlier.  


   To fill in a little back history, Blue Goose was built, in 1928, by Brown Boat Co., in Taunton, MA.  We don't know who the original owner was, but apparently she was bought in the early 1930's by Spaulding Dunbar, of Chatham, Mass., on Cape Cod.  Dunbar was a Naval Architect, boat designer and builder.  He operated a boat yard in Mill Pond, Chatham, for many years, I remember it there in the mid-50's.  He may have sold Blue Goose in the late 1940's.  He died in 1991.  The boatyard is now owned and operated by the Pease brothers, Brad and Mike.  

Blue_goose_postcard.jpg (1078659 bytes) At the Kinney Boatyard dock, ca. 1954, probably awaiting haulout, hull obviously a dark blue.

Further search finds:

1956 Lloyd's Register lists Blue Goose as owned by Charles H. Kimball of Chatham.   I have been in contact with his son, and will be receiving more info and some pix.  He said, as a start, "My father was Charles Kimball and I remember fondly many cruises on her when I was around 15 (in around 1956). I'm glad it has a new home. Those pictures are very interesting. It looks a lot more comfortable than I remember with pipe berths, a wood stove my mother had to cope with, and a chest of drawers shoved up against the mast." 

Blue_goose_Millie_and_Charlie.jpg (638391 bytes) Charles and Millie Kimball  Blue_goose_john_and_bunks.jpg (736426 bytes) John Kimball, (chest of drawers at the mast) both pix mid-50's

1966 Lloyd's Register lists the owner as David G. Morgan of Chatham.  Sometime, probably in the late '60's, the Morgans moved her to Florida.  About 1978 Charles Morgan had her hauled back to Chatham, and she resided in a barn there until 1990 while some work was undertaken, a new BMW 3 cyl. 50 HP diesel engine was purchased, but not installed. 

 00003.jpg (117631 bytes)          00004.jpg (138355 bytes)  

    ca. 1970?, Florida                  ca. 1978, back in Chatham, into the barn   

1990 BG was purchased from Charles Morgan, by Tom Harper.  He kept her in Chatham until 1998, when he moved her to Beaufort, NC

BlueGo2.jpg (146787 bytes)            00004a.jpg (175388 bytes)                        00005.jpg (146864 bytes)

Tom passes the $ in 1990           1990, out of the barn, after 12 yrs        to        Pease Bro.s, Harwich, MA

2014  Blue Goose was purchased from Tom Harper by Al & Pat Parker.  

After a couple of outings on Blue Goose, and several dinners with Tom and Sandra, his wife, he "allowed" us to make an offer on Blue Goose. On Jan. 27, 2014, she was surveyed, in Beaufort. Due to the forecast of coming rotten weather (snow), Tom and I moved her about 2 miles closer to home, and put her in a marina to await a better day to make the 5+ hour motor trip home to New Bern. 5 days later, Jill, our older daughter, and I brushed off the snow from her cover, moved away from the skim of ice between the slips, and made the trip home, overcast and about 50F temps.

BlueGo7.jpg (106400 bytes) Jill, holding true course    BlueGo8.jpg (74047 bytes) Jill and Pop  

June 1, 2014 BG6114A.jpg (443215 bytes) close hauled, New Bern, Al and Pat Parker, with Tom Harper as guest helmsman.  Tom's first sail with us.


If, after looking at all the pix, anyone can suggest who the designer might be, we'd be interested in hearing from you.


lots happened in 1990 - 1993  She was completely rebuilt, stem to stern by Pease Bro.s Boat Co., she received many new ribs, garboards, transom, cockpit, decks.  A new engine, tanks and head.  The cabin was stripped, gutted, and rebuilt. 


(details to follow)  

(to be continued, but a preview of coming historic events)

BlueGo3.jpg (119589 bytes) BlueGo5.jpg (127727 bytes)  BlueGo4.jpg (118588 bytes)                    00075.jpg (137986 bytes)    1994, Chatham

Here are some pix of our good times in the Spring of 2014  (added 4/12/15)

BlueGo13.jpg (505358 bytes) BlueGo12.jpg (251709 bytes) BlueGo9.jpg (662955 bytes) BlueGo10.jpg (47518 bytes) BlueGo11.jpg (381721 bytes)

The above pix thanks to Jim and Tom, on Belladonna, the Nimble yawl. BlueGo18.jpg (168317 bytes)

BlueGo14.jpg (527209 bytes) BlueGo15.jpg (287047 bytes) BlueGo17.jpg (281498 bytes)  BlueGo16.jpg (90706 bytes)

At the Wooden Boat Show, Beaufort, NC,   and on the way home, Jill at helm (lost the wind)


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