National NC-183D  s/n 357 0786


# 0.54 to 31. mc. plus 47-55 mc frequency coverage.
# Calibrated amateur band spread for 6, 10-11, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meter bands.
# Two R.F. amplifier stages for excellent sensitivity.
# Three I.F. amplifier stages for improved selectivity.
# Double conversion on the A, B and C bands for a high order of image rejection (62 db. on 10 meters).
# Double-diode noise limiter effective on both phone and C.W. reception.
# A wide range crystal filter with 6 uniform steps of selectivity variation.
# A.V.C. for both phone and C.W. reception.
# S-meter with adjustable sensitivity for phone and C.W. reception.
# Stabilized voltage regulated circuits and push-pull audio output stage.
# Accessory connector socket and phonograph input jack. 


# Product Detector 
# 1st & 2nd Mixer Filaments on at all times - added transformer

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Paint is original, there are various scratches, etc., but nothing terrible

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A product detector was installed as described in an article in the Dec. 1992 ER magazine.  A 6SN7 tube was utilized, plugged into the accessory socket.  This makes SSB listening a real pleasure.  

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All "BBOD's" and any other questionable capacitor or resistor has been replaced.  Many originals were tested and found to be within specs, so were left in the circuit.

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showing the bottom cover