N3VC's SB-200

before & during work

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It was owned by a heavy smoker by the looks.

   Done, with old tubes installed for checkout.  I have done some cleaning, but more will be done.
   I installed Ken Simpson's suggested mods, back-to-back diodes on the meter, and a diode across the antenna coil. 

With my shack wattmeter, the old tubes (both OK) will get over 500w output on all bands, driven with approx. 100w from my Ten-Tec Omni V.  (The wattmeter used is 500w f.s.)

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the above pix are after mods, before cleaning, show heavy nicotine stains, and it smells when hot.
compare with the ones below, should look cleaner.  I only did light damp cloth cleaning on the front panel, the paint & lettering will come off if scrubbed.  

clean1r.jpg (302408 bytes) clean6r.jpg (213398 bytes) clean4r.jpg (257212 bytes) clean7r.jpg (286736 bytes) clean5r.jpg (265141 bytes)  

I will install old, then new, tubes and put the "big" wattmeter on it to compare readings.

Here's what I'm getting for power readings:

Freq.     Ip, ma.   Pwr out, watts    Load ctrl setting
3780      500        740                    3
7280      500        840                    4
14280    500        900                    5
21280    500        900                    4-1/2
28280    400        450                    5-1/2

Not very efficient on 10, that load setting gives the max. power out  The input ckt tuning has little, if any, effect on 15 & 10m.  Input SWR is about 2:1 on those bands, so it's not a mismatch.