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In 2000 I bought this tube from the estate of a Coast Guard officer recently because it was "neat" and my XYL likes neat things.  She's been displaying it in the living room, but not on the coffee table with the bugs, because she's afraid somebody will pick it up and drop it on their toe, or more of a worry, on the table. 

It weighs 5 lbs, is 3-1/2" dia., and 9" tall to the top of the hefty wire connections.  It was made by Federal, ITT Components Div, and has the nomenclature "USN-CFT-7012".  There is an inspection stamp "USCG INSP6", and has a connection table, Fil. - yellow, Fil. CT - red, Grid - black.  The glass bulb has "R10 4722 15" in black ink.

wpe2.jpg (30991 bytes) tube2.jpg (34447 bytes) tube3.jpg (36664 bytes) tube4.jpg (52105 bytes) tube5.jpg (26094 bytes)

Any info on it's past usage, lineage, characteristics, would be appreciated.

I got the following from Ned Ely, 6/11/01, after I asked on an email list, saying I didn't have the book,  "Tube Lore" yet, but planned to this mo.

Hi Al,
I already got my "Tube Lore". It's so good I got another, 1 for home, 1 for the
truck (for emergencies, ya know).
Sibley sez," 7012 Xmtg. triode, Filamentary cathode 15.0 V @ 36 A, mu 25, 2.5 kW,
30 MHz, water cooled (Federal) (listed 2-13-61).
Thanx for the pix, nothing looks as cool as transmitting or industrial tubes.
Ned Ely


In Sept. 2012 I received this info from Ed. Stewart III, WA4MZS:

Hi there Al,

Your F7012 was used in the following equipments:

12 ea in the AM-1700/FPN amplifier
4 ea " " T-325/FPN transmitter
4 ea " " T-137/T-137A transmitter
12 ea " " T-138/T-138A amplifier

The operating frequency of these units was 1750 to 1950 kHz. Transmitter output power typically 150 kW (peak) and the amplifier was typically 900 kW (peak).

These transmitter/amplifiers were employed in the LORAN-A system operated by the US Coast Guard. LORAN-A (as I recall) was discontinued in 1979.

Best 73's

Ed. Stewart III, WA4MZS

  and he sent a pic of the transmitter


Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
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