Johnson Viking One transmitter

As found, April, 2006,  thanks to Ron, WA4MMS.  It was stored in his shop for 10+- yrs, no cabinet so it accumulated a bit of dust.

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Here's what I wrote about it back then:

    A dirty Johnson Viking 1 came home with me yesterday,  thanks to Ron, WA4MMS.  It was stored in his shop for 10+- yrs, no cabinet so it accumulated a bit of dust. 
    I had a Viking II back in the late 50's when 10m was open all day long, I worked Europeans in the AM & Australia/New Zealand in the evening, on AM or CW.  When I heard of this V-1, I thought/hoped it was a Viking II, but was not to be rewarded.  Johnson put out a TVI kit for the Viking 1, and this one did not receive it.  I know the Viking II's were built like Fort Knox in re: to signals getting out only where wanted.
    This one is pretty dirty, but appears to be all there and in fair condition.  It appears to have been factory wired, the soldering is well done.  It has an 829B as final, which from what I see was a factory authorized alternate to the 4D32.  It has no cabinet, but I suspect the cabinet was largely cosmetic and didn't do much for TVI unless the kit was installed.  It had been installed in a rack-type mounting with a receiver, but has been out in the open in a closed garage for 10 yrs or so now.
    If I had a cabinet I'd be much more inclined to get to work on it. I'm interested in general opinions on present use of the Viking One.  I can't remember hearing any on the air, or of anyone working on one, in recent years.  I had entertained the thought of putting it on 160m.  I'm not terribly worried about TVI, particularly if I get on 160 with such relatively low power.

After some cleanup

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The panel needs some TLC and it might look better.  The aluminum chassis cleaned up very nicely.  It appears to be close to original, no obvious mods or hacks. 

I have gotten a cabinet, thanks to Walt, KB4ZED, and was surprised to find they are aluminum.  This one needs to be stripped and repainted, after it's straightened a bit.  Probably 20% of the paint has peeled off, down to bare metal.

Nov. - Dec. 06 -- 

cabB4.JPG (69775 bytes)           cabpaint01.JPG (71088 bytes)  cabpaint03.JPG (67123 bytes)  cabpaint02.JPG (74295 bytes)

it was pretty rough                            but comes out very nicely

   I stripped the audio section and rebuilt it using Tom Bonomo's articles in ER Magazine, #110-112, 6-8/98.  I used most of parts 1 & 2, incl. the regulation of the -30v bias and PTT with and external relay for the antenna switching (it had aux. contacts for rcvr ctrl).  The audio driver xfmr had an open secondary, so I used an available Triad A-85X unit.  I tested the audio response from the mic. input to the 807 grids, and found it was nearly flat from below 400cy to well over 4kc. 

   I went through the RF section completely and replaced many resistors, as well as using disc ceramic capacitors as needed.

here's some "sketchy" info on push to talk  pttr.gif (27121 bytes)  MVC-010F.JPG (90835 bytes)   MVC-011F.JPG (90692 bytes)

the schematic is the PTT relaying, the first pic is the relay installed near the Plate Switch. 3rd pic is a similar relay for internal antenna switching.

  On the air on 12/2/06, with a Heath VF-1 as VFO.


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