I really like these old bandcruisers.  They're fun to work on, and really pull in the signals.  Calibration (for an analog dial) and stability is excellent.  The first one shown below was done in late 2000, and was the 4th one I had done since mid-1999, all have found new owners.  I plan to someday keep one for myself, I've thought I had one to keep several times, but they seem to find new owners. Now, in early 2006, I have one to work on that won't get away.
    In the meantime, I have worked on others, for their owners, and have put an account of the first one's progress directly below.  It was in good, complete, condition as he sent it to me, including an SPC-10 sideband adapter.  It apparently had been subjected to military or government use, as it had heavy deposits of nicotine stains on the front panel, but very little in the way of nicks and scrapes.  I was to completely check it out, re-cap, replace out of tolerance parts, refurbish cosmetically as needed, align, etc.  I do not normally do "outside" work, but this one was a good opportunity to work on a very nice example of of one of my favorite subjects.

                During the year of 2002, I became involved with the Hammarlund Historian website, which has been completely renovated and is being added to regularly.  I recommend that if you are interested in Hammarlund equipment, and SP-600's in particular, that you visit our website - www.hammarlund.info     We have incorporated a service section, which includes a very detailed account of re-capping the SP-600, written by Ray Vasek, W2EC.      SP-600 recapping, by Ray Vasek, W2EC

SP-600-JX-26 s/n 11368

December, 2000

I've reduced the pix to "thumbnails" so the page will load faster.  Just click on the small pic to enlarge it. 

  SP6x11.jpg (65350 bytes)      

           SP6X22.jpg (43977 bytes)    SP6x20.jpg (42796 bytes)    SP6X21.jpg (42480 bytes)  

This particular receiver is now being enjoyed by a new owner.  I've included some details of my other work below, but to see a great account of the work involved in reworking one of these, go to:

SP-600 recapping, by Ray Vasek, W2EC

See The Work on 

SP600-JX21 s/n 19113  (done in Summer, '02)

SP-600-JX-10 s/n 6363 (done in Winter '02-'03)

SP600-JX21 s/n 19487   (done in Winter '02-'03)

Northern Radio SP-600 (done in Spring '03)

SP-600-JX-14 s/n 8655 (done in May-June '04)

SP-600-JX-14 s/n 9386 (done in Oct. 2004)

SP-600-JX-1 s/n 4706  R-274A s/n 1613  (done in Apr. 2005)

SP-600-JX-1 s/n 4596    R-274A s/n 1965  (done in Aug. 2005)    

SP-600-JX-1 s/n 4610    R-274A s/n 1639  (done in Aug. 2006)  

SP-600-JX-6 s/n 7092    R-274B s/n 965  (done in Apr. 2008) 


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