"Boatanchor Radios"

I hope to show some interesting boatanchor radio equipment here, much of it I either own now or have owned in the not too distant past. It is my intention to share technical information and to allow those who are working on similar equipment to see some of the methods I have used to keep these neat old things operating.

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Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
BoatAnchors appreciated here

And remember: "They donīt make tubes nowadays like they used to..."



Here are some things we've been working on:

   SP-600   to see some of the SP-600 projects
   BC-779/SP-210LX  Hammarlund Receiver
   HX-500  Hammarlund SSB Transmitter
   Hammarlund HQ-series panel bezel  service method

SP-600, Northern Radio mod. Wiring Diagram Download 676kb, NorthernSP600J11WD.pdf
thanks to Tom Hoyer and Bob Bethman

    I am also involved in  THE HAMMARLUND HISTORIAN Website

        Please feel free to visit there, just click here: hlogo-1-s.jpg - 2.2 K

Links to some previously unlinked pages:

John Leary SP-600 mk IV


Car, 1954 MG-TF restoration work

Richard Petty Driving Experience

R-1051 Receiver info

HB Eqpt   various neat Homebrewed items

SX-28   the SX-28 project

SX-42   the finished SX-42 project

HT-33(b?)    HT-33 homebrew repackage

HT-37   the HT-37 power supply info & HT-32 comparison

SW-3   the 1930's National SW-3 Receiver

Stancor ST-202-A  1947 transmitter

Collins 75A2 s/n 71

Collins R-388 Receiver s/n 2256

Collins R-388 Receiver s/n 1005

Collins R-388 Receiver s/n 495

Collins R-388 Receiver s/n 193

Collins R-388 Receiver s/n 182

Collins R-388 Receiver s/n 58

Collins 51J-4 Receiver s/n 3516

TUBE  a neat tube

Swan  500CX transceiver

Valiant  the Johnson Valiant transmitter

Viking 1 the Johnson Viking 1 transmitter

Johnson Viking Invader (200 & 2000) service tips

Millen 92105 Sideband Selector (may open in new window)

Gates BC-1T    AM transmitter (which is not mine)

Filter Capacitor Rebuild  SP-600, R-388, Drake R-4B, etc.  

Drake R-4a (late version)  

DrakeTR-4 Manual

Drake 6146 mod info

Soviet Test Eqpt   an interesting item

SideLot   to see our yard work (non-radio)

URT-23B Big transmitter

E.H. Scott RCH and SLR-F receivers

Sonar  SRT-120 transmitter

SB-200 some work done on an SB-200

SB-200 N4NAB John's nice repackaged & modified SB-200

Kenwood TS-440SAT why I don't like working on SS stuff

Sailing  some shots of our other hobby

New Sailboat (2014) Blue Goose  a 1928 wooden catboat

Newest Power Boat  Mainship Pilot 30 "RumRunner"

Previous Boat - C-Dory 25, 2008


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